Robert Masters has a whole book on this subject, but here’s the short version —

People like you and me go through life, experience ups and downs, joy and despair, and somewhere along the way, one day we wonder, “Is there … something more?”

And, for many of us, this leads us sooner or later to consider a spiritual life.

Now often we don’t think, “Am I ready?”

And if we do think whether we are ready, we probably only think about, “Am I ready to *want* a more spiritual life?”

Now if you’re the kind of person who has advanced and become thoughtful, who has become aware that it is possible to have a more spiritual life, and who has decided that you are actually ready to have a more spiritual life, then there’s another question, and many of us never stop and consider to think about this very important second question —

The second question is: “Am I ready to clean up and clear away the old stuff, that has been keeping me *attached* to the old, non-spiritual ways?”

Buddha Done Told Us, Right?

Because, just as the Buddha told us, it is the grasping desire, it is the *attachment* that keeps us connected to the old discomfort, that keeps us acting out the old unworkable patterns, like a phonograph playing a record with a crack that plays the same phrase over and over and over …

Now your Unconscious Mind — that part of you from which you have *withdrawn* your conscious focus — keeps on using what it has “learned” to look out for you as best it can, with it’s automatic patterns. And though perhaps that day when you were three and you decided that life was dangerous, perhaps that perception doesn’t really fit today’s situation, but your Unconscious Mind is still protecting you by handing you the automatic “lessons” you have learned, and so you’re still acting on an old plan, an old decision, an old belief. You don’t even realize it, because that’s a belief from which you have, long ago, withdrawn your conscious focus.

And so you get an invitation, and it’s a nice invitation, and it would richly reward you should you accept, but a part of you automatically says “NO!” because “life is dangerous,” and … you miss out. And consciously, you wonder why. You wonder why you “always miss out.” You wonder why you did that.

And that’s an example of how the “old stuff” is still there, still “attaching” you to the old problems.

And just deciding a new decision today — that you are going to reach *toward* this new spiritual life — will not automatically disconnect those old automaticities, those old unconscious programs, those old unconscious and automatic decisions and beliefs. They’ll still be there.

Sabotaging your progress. And  you’ll wonder, “Why?”

Spiritual Bypass

When you attempt to go *toward* spiritual things, it can make you feel good. That’s a *positive* step.

But if you’re still attached to the old things, and you’re simply trying to *avoid* the old things, that’s a Spiritual Bypass, and like a house with a weak foundation, it’s hard to build very high without tumbling painfully to the ground.

So in your spiritual plan, what works is to also allow for handling the *negative* parts.

In your practice, like meditation, it does train you to disconnect from the old past patterns, and this can take you forward.

And you’ll go ever more powerfully forward if your practice contains something that will actually handle, clear, discharge, erase, harmonize and integrate those old negative parts. Because there is valuable learning in every one of those negative things. They’re not really bad on their own. Every one of them was probably the very best you could do at the time, given who you were and the resources you had at the time.

It’s the fact that these old patterns are being automatically and unconsciously applied to present-time situations that makes it all unworkable. If your formula for scrambling eggs is to swirl the eggs around with a wooden spoon in a skillet over high heat, and you automatically applied that formula for making a nice fresh salad with romaine lettuce, you’ll come up with a burnt and soggy salad. Bummer. Automatic solutions works sometimes, and sometimes … not so much.

Therefore …

Wanna Be More Spiritual?

Great! Follow a spiritual practice. Many people have mapped out workable spiritual practices. Follow one diligently. (“Seek salvation as if your head were on fire.”)

Want the Best Results?

Great! Handle the negative too. Take some time to get to know yourself, the self you’ve forgotten. The self you’ve abandoned. The self of which perhaps you do not approve.

Handle the negative. Clear up old stuff.

What’s a Good Method?

There are lots of them, but one that works fast is EFT. Emotional Freedom Technique. It works fast and clears things fast, and overall the process feels good, though you’ll have your moments when you reconnect with old hurts.

And like peeling the scab off a scraped knee, usually it “hurts so good,” and it’s only for a little while.

Then … all better!

(Kiss it to make it well, OK?)


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