[Adapted with permission from The Adventures of Bloggard at http://bloggard.com]

Here is a super-quick little thing you can do in about twenty seconds, and it makes you feel really good. Most likely this is very good for your body and mind as well, though I can’t prove it!

I call it my ‘Quick Tune-Up’, and it’s both startlingly effective and super-easy …

A) Get an index card, or something similar, about 3″ x 5″.

B) Write on the card the following seven questions —

“Why am I so happy?

“Why am I so at peace?

“Why am I so calm and collected?

“Why is this day so beautiful?

“Why am I so filled with energy?

“Why do I feel so good?

“Why am I so happy?”

Now find a way to carry this card around with you. Keep it in a wallet, or a day-timer, or a card-case.

In the morning, in the evening, before meals, or any time you want, simply take out the card, and read each of these questions, with feeling, as if sincerely asking, and a little pause after each one.

Important: Don’t try to answer the questions. Just notice the feeling that comes into your mind and your body after each one. So Read the question and feel the body/mind sensation. Read the next question and feel the body/mind sensation.

For me, it makes me feel great and takes only about twenty seconds to do.

(See the Clarity and Focus course called “How to Feel Good” for a complete explanation of how this works, and how to adapt the principles to other areas of your life and for manifestation.)

It’s quite amazing how such a quick and apparently-simple little thing actually accesses the huge power of your subconscious mind and the energy of your nervous system to give you, almost instantly, the feelings appropriate to what you have said.

If you’ve just read this, and not tried it, you may not yet realize that it actually works, strong and fast.

So try it, cowboy. Try it now.

You’ll see.

The “Twenty-Second Tune-Up” was created using the principles in the book “The Great Little Book of Afformations,” available on the bookstore of this website.

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  1. I will definately try this as I believe it is something that “Just might work”

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