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“Ladies — How to Find Your Guy”

Back in school, we were taught how to read a book and write a report, and maybe how to shoot a basketball or bake a pie. But never were we taught how to find a sweetheart, and counselor Arthur Cronos is about to change that in this book.

“I was the world’s worst Romeo,” he says. “All the way through school, clumsy and incompetent. And then one day, grumping to myself over a coffee about how everything we learn is so backwards, I had a sudden epiphany, and my World of Romance changed overnight.”

“A completely backwards way to go about finding a sweetheart,” he laughs, “and it worked like gangbusters. Soon I had more dates than I could find time for. And what’s better, the method worked for all my friends and many others who tried it later.”

Cronos says, “It’s an obscure secret that when you try to find a sweetheart, that’s the wrong approach, the wrong way to think. It’s also the mysterious hidden factor that makes it seem like there are no good men, no good women, even with billions on this planet!”

He laughs, “We’ll have some fun, and the ladies will learn something new, because Finding Your Guy can become fun and easy.”

Ladies — How to Find Your Guy

$24.95 print
$17.95 download
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— to be expanded —

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