As a human being, you are a spiritual being traveling through time.

And it’s great that you showed up here, because a methods we’ve developed here can help you do a better job of your journey through time, giving you more skill, more awareness, and more happiness.

It’s a good thing, a very good thing.

This website exists to alert you to a therapeutic and growth process called Psychronicity. This is a made-up word from “psyche,” “chrono-“, and “synchronicity,” which roughly means “Mind, Time, and Happy Coincidence.”

What is Psychronicity?

Psychronicity is a powerful and fast-acting method which uses built-in skills and abilities that you already possess as a human and a spiritual being. The method derives from developments in psychotherapy, from a hypnotic offshoot called neuro-linguistic programming, and from what is known as “energy psychology” methods such as the ‘Emotional Freedom Technique’ and it’s fast-therapy stepchildren.

The Psychronicity method uses your built-in abilities to quickly clear fears and phobias (just as they were quickly created at a time in the past), and similarly to clear ongoing and current-time upsets and such discomforts whose roots will also be found in past incidents, and when these root emotions and hastily-built beliefs are cleared, your automatic emotional discomforts and your automatic maladaptive behaviors swiftly fade away.

The Method in Brief

The Psycronicity method is a simple set of processes that involve memory, tapping on acupuncture points on the body, certain specific visualization steps, and using the surprising ability of your own unconscious mind to access old upsets and clear away the uncomfortable conditioned responses formed in those past incidents.

It is far easier and faster to do than earlier psychotherapy methods believed possible. (Like the surgeons of the past who used leeches to clear ‘impure blood’ from patients, the early psychotherapists just hadn’t yet stumbled upon the more effective methods. As history shows, methods improve over time.)

Although tapping on acupuncture points may sound like mumbo-jumbo, well-formed research experiments have revealed that tapping on acupuncture points releases a number of neurotransmitters that powerfully modify our emotional reaction to past traumas. Tapping on non-acupuncture points doesn’t. We can theorize, but we still don’t know exactly *why* it does that. We just know that it does. Handy, that.

It’s a little similar to our understanding of electricity. We theorize, but we really don’t know exactly *why* electricity works, yet we’ve learned how to use it.

An Ongoing Experiment

These are experimental methods, in the best sense of the word. And as we continue to employ these experimental methods, we learn how to use them better and better and better.

We’ve now learned how to accomplish these results even faster and better without actually tapping. Although we still often use tapping, we can now also employ methods that release the mental shift and improvement … using mind alone. This was the goal of original psychotherapy, long ago; and finally, it has arrived, the envisioned day has come.

Clearing past upsets has become reliable, relatively quick, and rather easy. And as expected, a human who does this experiences enhanced skills, greater effectiveness in life, and peace.

This is a good thing. A very good thing.

What can Psychronicity Do for You?

The accidental emotional “learnings” of our past have led us to unwittingly create ongoing emotional upsets and automatic behaviors which work poorly, to unwittingly create emotional states which make us vulnerable to many dis-ease conditions of the body, which take us out of harmony with our own deeper unconscious mind, and which interfere with our natural ability to manifest a future that we want. You can use the Psychronicity method to improve all of these.

Emotional Relief, and Peace

By your engaging in this process, your personal “timetrack” or “timeline,” all the events of the past (and those projected events into the future) become cleared of hidden, obscured, and uncomfortable snarls and stuck points, and much like a roadway which is made straight with all the dangers and potholes cleared up, you discover that your journey becomes easier, and you experience a calm peace of mind.

This may be a way of being that you’ve rarely experienced before.

A Healthier Mind in a Healthier Body

And in many cases, you will not only experience relief from automatic emotional turmoil, but many physical ailments (which often have emotional roots) have been observed to improve, sometimes dramatically, because clearing away the emotionally-charged underbrush — the tinder and fuel behind many of our fiery dis-ease conditions — somehow re-empowers your body’s natural ability to heal itself.

Inner Harmony and Inner Peace

As your past and your present become harmonious again, you regain your connection with the “you” of the past, and as you discover that parts of your unconscious mind have been busily guarding all the embattled forts along your past frontier, you find those old angers, fears, grief, and unforgiven rage can begin fading away, and you and your unconscious mind — your faithful servant, guarding you as best it can all through your life — you become more integrated, more harmonious, and this gives you greater peace, and greater access to the astounding power and wisdom of your unconscious resources, once they’re no longer tied up fighting battles long since buried in the past.

Psychronicity gives you a way to re-integrate parts of your own powerful unconscious mind, to operate again as one being functioning naturally in harmony, with yourself, with others, and with life.

Manifesting the Future that You Want

Manifesting the future we want is not really all that mysterious. We do it every day in a thousand ways. A decision to spend our time here instead of spending it there. Following up on learning about something that interests us. Investing some time or money in the subjects where we wish to learn more. We are actively creating our future all the time. And the future we picture? Of necessity, that must come from the pictures in our mind.

When the mind is filled with stuck pictures of what we don’t want, we discover our life unfolds as an ongoing story about those very things we don’t want. But when we can intentionally clear those stuck images and automatic feelings, we begin naturally creating the pictures of what we do want, our behaviors change, our emotions change, and “happy coincidence” begins showing up. We’ve all see it sometimes, and the more you can function harmoniously with the vast power of your unconscious mind targeting what you *do* want, the more that future you want unfolds naturally.

Summing Up

Psychronicity is a therapeutic and growth process. By using this method, you can —

  • unravel and clear stuck points in your timetrack: past, present, and future, giving freedom from emotional baggage and upsets, old and now;
  • expand consciousness and attain full-circle re-integration with your unconscious mind, giving expanded skillset, clarity, mindful presence;
  • transform obsessive pictures to happy ones, increasing your ability to manifest what you want; and
  • enable being here, fully here, right now, at peace

We’re very glad you’ve chosen to visit here. This point in time and space is a fortuitous one, because in recent times, the mystery of “hypnotic” processes have become better understood, the nature of the unconscious parts of our mind and body are becoming better understood, and the development of new therapeutic methods in hypnosis, therapies, and energy psychology are uncovering methods that clear even long-standing and ingrained problems quickly and thoroughly.

These new advances, and the extensions and integration of these methods here in Psychronicity, have made clearing old and current-time troubles relatively easy, and with the clearing of these problems which cloud our vision, our natural ability to visualize and move into actively-created futures — sometimes called ‘manifestation’ — is becoming a natural reality for we human time-travelers around the globe.

Welcome to your new now. And welcome to the future.



** “Psyche” is mind or spirit;
“Chron” is time; and
“Chronicity” comes from Syncronicity (coincidence with meaning) and Felicity (happiness).



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