The Clarity and Focus Group offers public use of this website subject to the following conditions –

Access to entire website is granted to all, with the exception of specified downloads pages. Educational materials consisting of video, software, and/or electronic printed material is offered for educational purposes, but because results can vary tremendously with each individual human, we offer no particular warranty nor guarantee, save our Guarantee of Satisfaction for all classes here offered:

If you purchase Life-Skills Classes and are anything less than completely delighted after the first class, then contact us within 24 hours for full refund of your purchase price.

Terms for Classes and Counseling

The offering of all classes and counseling described on this website is subject to the following terms and understanding —

All fees for classes and counseling are paid in advance. Fees for classes and counseling reserved are due and payable even if client fails to arrive at the scheduled time. A last-minute rescheduling policy for counseling does apply however, as described below.

Neither Life-Skills Classes nor Individual Counseling provides medical advice, diagnosis, nor medical treatment for any medical or psychiatric malady. We do not and cannot legally promise healing of the body nor mental disturbances, because those can only be healed under the law by appropriate professionals. For example, the only legal cure for depression is the administration of patented drugs by a licensed medical or psychiatric professional, even though spontaneous remissions or improvement of various conditions, mental and physical, have been reported by those undertaking the types of classes or counseling here offered, and by those following many other religious, spiritual, bodywork, or counseling practices.

Two-Way Fair Rescheduling Policy for Counseling

If we fail to keep an appointment for any reason whatsoever, client will receive the following session for free, and client’s prepaid credit remaining will be applied to subsequent session.

If client fails to keep an appointment for any reason, the client waives the session fee for the missed session.

Rescheduling with 24-hour Notice can be done with no penalty on either side.

Ownership of this Web Property

This website is an educational and marketing website of Voltos Industries.