The Art of Love … is there anything more important?

Love is not really something that happens to us. We don’t actually fall into it. It does not descend upon us from the heavens.

Rather, love is something that we do.

Love is a natural human function, and a natural human state, and this basic formula for wisdom and bliss applies ..

Here’s our Formula: Freedom + Skill = Wisdom + Bliss

Coaching has two aspects —

  1. Counseling to remove blockages, most commonly emotional. This produces Freedom.
  2. Strategy to provide training, most commonly factual. This produces Skill.

This dual approach provides real-world systems tested and known to work. It clears out old upsets that block your experience of love and it gives you the abilities to operate happily in the world of love.

You now have the choice. Choose love.

Coaching is available for singles and for couples.


How to Have More Love in Your Life

How would you like to have your own personal love coach?

There is a reason that top athletes have coaches. A coach can provide the clearing, the training, and the support that takes sort-of-ok performance up into world-class performance.

Which love life would you enjoy the most?

* A “sort-of-ok” love life?

* Or … absolutely wonderful love life?

There is no reason to settle for something less than what you want.

Love is a freedom and a skill.

It can be taught. It can be learned! You can be freed of the internal barriers that hold you back. You can learn to love, and be loved. It’s simply a matter of freedom and skill.


The Three Questions of Love

In the most basic sense, there are only three questions of love —

  1. How do you find love?
  2. How do you get along?
  3. How do you make love last?

And you’re in luck.

Because, at last, we have answers.


What Can Coaching Give You?

Because every person is different, coaching must be created to conform to your specific situation.

However, many problems are the same. For examle …

  • How come I never meet any [men/women]?
  • I have a sweetheart, but we can’t get along. The excitement has gone.
  • I always meet the same kind of person. It never works out.
  • I can’t experience sexual satisfaction. Is that all there is?

There’s more, but these examples will do for a start.


I Never Meet Anybody

Every one of us has had this thought from time to time. It seems like there is just nobody out there for us. No soulmate. No lover. No sweetheart.

But I have good news and I have even better news.

The good news is that there *are* sweethearts, lovers, and soulmates out there. Plenty of them.

And the even better news is that you can (rather easily) learn how to go about finding someone right for you. (Or finding several right for you, and then you just pick the one you like the best. Kind of like sampling all the most delicious dishes in the restaurant of life!)

The answer to the question — How to Find Love? — is just a matter of freedom and skill. If you haveĀ  old habits or thought-patterns that interfere … if you have old heartaches or fears … we can handle these things, and give you relief and comfort … and that allows you to move forward, at last.

If you just don’t know how to go about finding your sweetheart, don’t worry. They never taught us in school, and so many of us never learned. But these skills and methods are easy to learn, and with just a little experiment and practice you can soon feel comfortable and skillful, and you can find *plenty* of sweethearts, once you know how.


The Excitement has Gone

Once you know how to *find* love, the second question is: How do you get along?

Frankly, just as family members drift into a sort of automatic balance between love and dislike, gratitude and resentment, so do we fall into these ‘less than blissful’ states with those we love.

And especially, when the hormone burst of new love fades — and it does fade, in approximately three months — then without this “new love” stimulation, you’re on your own. And most of us don’t know how to create excitement anew.

There are several common problems —

One is that we may lack good ways of knowing what we really want, and what we really need. Our own desires and thoughts may seem unreasonable or unworthy. We may have no internal sense of guidance.

In this case, learning the secrets of the Focusing method can give you access to that part of you which knows your truth. By learning to access the wisdom of what your body already knows, you can remain a more authentic person.

And you will discover that your sweetheart responds automatically much better to the authentic you. After all, that’s who your sweetheart fell in love with in the first place.

Another issue is that men and women speak different languages. We can train you (and your sweetheart) in the five basic love languages. Your sweetheart may be trying like crazy to say ‘I love you’ but if you don’t speak the same love language, you’re missing out!

And what about sex? If your sex life can stay fun and exciting, how can life slip into humdrum routine? It can’t!

The answer in two words: Tantra Yoga. Centuries ago, wise men and women in India took the time to really consider the sexual flow. It’s actually divine, the same force that creates the Universe. Your God created your body, and your God created the desire in you, and your God gave you the drive to enjoy sex.

If you’re not enjoying blissful sex … you can!

Tantra Yoga has within it everything you need to keep your love live (and your sex life behind closed doors) new and exciting, blissful and aware. Your union with your beloved can become a sacrament, your joy a gift offered up to Heaven.

Oh, and did we mention the multiple orgasms for women and for men the ability to have repeated orgasms without sliding into sleep? These are not rare abilities. We can coach you and show you how.


I Always Meet the Same Kind of Person

The answer to this puzzle is …

It’s the same you doing the meeting, and you’re going about meeting them and selecting who to meet, using the same old method.

And maybe the old method doesn’t work so good any more.

Maybe it worked OK once, or worked OK back when, but not so swell now.

No problem. We’ll clear out the fears and limiting beliefs that hold you back, and then show you how to analyze to uncover what you *really* want, and then set you on the path of finding and selecting *those* kind of sweethearts!


I Can’t Experience Wonderful Sex

Well, bummer.

It may sound not-so-spiritual, but on the worldly plane, a lovely and delicious sex life can be one answer to the question — How to Make Love Last?

And how to have wonderful sex in your life?

Tantra Yoga.

It’s the real thing.

It’s hardly new. Five thousand years old.

Still works great.

Learn it and enter a universe of bliss.


How to Improve Your Love Life Starting NOW!

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