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Concise and easy-to-learn training to obtain abilities so you can operate with power and traction in the real world.

By adopting essential life-skills available here, you become ever more skillful in love, in business, in your health, and in operating your own mind with power, focus, and clarity …

Here’s our Formula:    Freedom + Skill = Wisdom + Bliss

Freedom comes from clearing out old stuff. That’s counseling.

Skill comes from learning how to do things. That’s life-training classes.

When you have Freedom (old stuff gone) and Skills (new things learned), you discover Wisdom and the experience of Bliss occurring naturally more and more and more.

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How to Master Your Life

The skills you learn in private coaching or in these life-transforming training classes cover subjects that *ought* to be taught in school, and they *ought* to be taught to every human child, because these are the skills that let you experience a happy life, that show you how to get what you want and what you need, that enable you to find love, experience vibrant health, learn anything, and walk through life with a calm and joyous mind, in a radiantly happy body.

But … these skills are not taught in school. These skills are not given to every human child.

And so they are taught … here.

These easy-to-learn and powerful life-skills can transform your life, enabling you to become happier, feel better, and to become more powerful in all your endeavors.


How Will Your Life Change with this Knowledge?

Gain These Skills … and See the Difference …


Powerful Life Skills …

How to Feel Good Fast

Most of us grow up thinking that we are happy when good things happen, and that we are sad when bad things happen (or good things fail to happen). And we think that we feel good, or we feel bad, because of what happens to us.

Though this seems reasonable, it’s not quite true. Sure, if you stub your toe or break your arm it’s going to hurt, and you’re going to feel bad for a while. But think. Day in and day out, most of the ‘feeling good’ and ‘feeling bad’ doesn’t really come from accidents and damage to the body. Right?

That’s right. Because day in and day out, you’ll discover that 98% of your feeling good (or feeling bad) actually comes from thoughts, reactions, interpretations. You wanted a smile from Suzie, then you feel good or you feel bad because you didn’t get it. Wait a minute. You don’t actually have to feel bad if you didn’t get it. That kind of pain only exists in the mind.

And if you *do* feel less than delighted, when you *do* have an unhappiness … what if you could get rid of the unhappiness in just a few minutes? What if you could set these little-pains aside, and feel happy and good and radiant? Wouldn’t that be a better way to get on with your life? To plan your next move?

(After all, there is no law that says you *have* to be unhappy when Suzie doesn’t smile. Right?)

In this seminar, you’ll learn four easy-to-use and quick methods to toss the blues out the window.

[

Anatomy of Dysfunction — and How to Fix It

The mind is a wonderful and sometimes mysterious thing. It can give you the world. Or it can make your world a living hell.

But this description is not quite true. The real truth is that it’s how you *operate* your mind that gives the wonderful results or the terrible results. Of course, stuff happens. Stuff happens to all of us. Some of it is really bad, and some is not such a big deal. But in the end, how much the “stuff” messes up your life will largely depend on how you think about it, that is, how you operate your mind.

There are four stress-related thought types: (1) Upsets and Disagreements; (2) Quandries; (3) Guilt; (4) Fear and Repressed Traumatic Memories. Each of these operates in a specific way, and pretty much everything in our minds that makes us unhappy is one of these four.

In this seminar you’ll learn how these occur, you’ll gain insight as to what’s happening, not only with you, but also with all people around you. Once your eyes are opened, you will see these four malfunctions happening as clear as the light of day.

And you’ll begin to know how to avoid them, and how to uncover your own, and how to help yourself and those you love begin to free yourselves from the debilitating effects.

[

How to Talk to Anyone about Anything

— coming soon —

[

How to Learn Anything

Your life today. What would it be like if you had the ability to learn anything quickly and clearly, to move forward into any area and figure it out without confusion. To take any existing confusion, be able to identify the confusion and tear it apart and find clarity?

It’s sad that our schools teach us *stuff* … but they don’t teach us *how to learn*.

This course will.

[


Three Methods for Finding Romance …

How to Get a Girlfriend (or a Boyfriend)

Teaches you how to get a girlfriend (or a boyfriend).

This completely original method is not available elsewhere, and presents a simple new way to approach the problem of “how to find a girlfriend or a boyfriend.” This unique approach gives you a completely different way to handle the problem of “I don’t know any attractive (men/women)!” As soon as you make this one small change in the way you approach the problem, it just gets easier and easier and easier.

After all, there are almost 7 billion people on the planet, half of them are (men/women), and if you’re near any metropolitan area, there are several thousand (men/women) of appropriate age and attractiveness are within an hour’s drive. The completely-different method shown in the “Sweetheart Report” shows you how to bring more and more attractive (men/women) into your life, and have a heck of a lot of fun all along the way.

[

How to Find the Love of Your Life

A method that — for the first time in your life — will make clear to you the essential things you seek in a (man/woman) so you get what makes you happy. And it will also clearly reveal what to avoid in a potential sweetheart so they won’t make you crazy!

And then … a complete method, adapted from the Seventeenth Century, that reveals how to enlist everyone you know into enthusiastically helping you find the love of your life. It worked fantastically well way back then, and is completely forgotten today.

[

Online Dating — How It Works and How to Work It

If you’re in a school setting, you may be exposed daily to lots and lots of (men/women). In some jobs the same thing happens. (Of course, sometimes it can be difficult to take advantage of this.)

But what if, in your daily life, you hardly ever meet an interesting (man/woman)?

Some years ago, dating classified ads became very popular in some weekly newspapers. And these have now evolved into the online-dating sites of today.

But just because you know they’re there, doesn’t mean you know how to approach them, so that you attract what you want. This hands-on seminar will show you how to use the online-dating services safely, and effectively, to meet the kind of (man/woman) you want, and how to follow-up, and how to move them off the internet … and into your arms.

[


More about Romance and Business …

How to Understand Women

Guys, what you’ve always suspected is true.

They’re not just from Venus. They’re a whole ‘nother species. And if you’ve truly felt that we can’t live with them, and we can’t live without them … there’s a darn good reason.

Not only do they think in a completely different way, but simply because you are constructed as a man, you are built in such a way that is naturally extremely difficult for you to understand what they want and how they are thinking about you and the world.

This seminar will answer once and for all, the philosophical question of the ages: “What do Women Want?”

(And it will make you the most attractive dude on the block, once you get it, and begin knowing how to operate, how to communicate, how to give her what she needs, and how to get what you want.)

[

How to Understand Men

Ladies, you’ve probably had the experience that you meet some man, and he’s either a Prince … or he’s a total Jerk. And you think, “What a Prince!” Or you think, “What a Jerk!”

Now, what if I were to confide in you that, actually, maybe he’s not the Prince or the Jerk you just perceived. What if (gasp) men are actually reacting to small things you say or do, and this absolutely *forces* them to adopt behavior, that small things you say or do are actually *creating* the Princely behavior or the Total-Jerk behavior?

And what if, once you know the secret, you will know once and for all, how to bring out the best in a man, so he *wants* to be the Prince? (And how to avoid the unconscious triggers that will make him play the Jerk?)

And think about this … if you once get on the track that your small behaviors trigger the Jerk in men … then how will you *ever* get off the track of meeting one Jerk after another?

The surprising answers are delivered in this fascinating (and powerful) seminar. It will change your life, in the direction your heart has always wanted to go.

[

Tantra — Sex and Spirituality

Would you like your love life to take a quantum leap into new and astounding territory? Would you like to experience a deeper bliss than you’ve ever known before? Would you like to reawaken an existing relationship that’s grown drab, become weaker and less exciting, that seems to be fading away?

Would you like to take your new love into a world they’ve never experienced with anyone else?

[

The Keys to Relationship — Can’t We Just Get Along?

There are three key factors that cause you and your sweetie to like each other, to be drawn together, and to enjoy the sweetness of love and life together. In this course you’ll discover the three key factors, and how you can consciously increase all three for a deeper and more luscious love affair.

Then again, there are four stress-related kinds of thought (see our ‘Anatomy of Disfunction’ course). These monsters can sabotage the sweetest romance in the world and leave it a hollow husk, empty of joy, and bitter in the mind. Would it be useful to your love life if you knew how to handle these, and to handle them when they come up?

[

How to Dress for Success in Love and Business

— coming soon —

[


The Power of Skillful Living …

Secrets of Hypnotic Power

— coming soon —

[

The Power of Self-Hypnosis

— coming soon —

[

How to Meditate, for a Calm Mind and Problem-Solving

— coming soon —

[

How to Market and Sell Services and Products

Although the “principles” of Marketing and Selling generally remain the same regardless of whether you’re selling toothpaste or baby-sitting services, in actual practice one discovers that success in some business of the past does not necessarily mean success with your sales in some new business.

This seminar will cover both the general principles, and you’ll gain a new understanding of how to employ simple testing procedures, so that the world out there can tell you what will work the best.

[


Discarding Addictions …

How to Discard Excess Weight Easily

— coming soon —

[

How to Quit Smoking and Addictions

— coming soon —

[

Love Junkie: Give it Up

— coming soon —

[


Increasing Your Personal Freedom …

How to Find your Heart’s Desire

Many of us feel that we could make some progress toward the life we truly want … if only we knew what we wanted.

If you’ve ever felt this way, here is some very good news:

You already know *exactly* what you want. It’s often buried deep in your mind, your “unconscious” mind. And your body actually knows exactly what’s true, what’s wrong, and which direction to move, to move toward what’s right for you.

This seminar will give you the tools you need to uncover your deepest desire, your heart’s desire, and how you can begin moving toward your dream today.

[

How to Uncover the Problem

Ever have a problem that just baffles you?

Ever had a problem that just goes on, and on, and on? And on and on?

Ever have something in your life, and you know something’s wrong, but you don’t know what it is? You can’t get a handle on it? You know there’s a problem there, but you don’t know what the problem is?

This seminar will provide you with simple methods you can use for the rest of your life to uncover the problem, get it clarified, and start moving toward solutions.

[

Freedom from Limiting Beliefs

The problem with Limiting Beliefs is that they are invisible to you.

In this course you will finally understand why you cannot normally see your own limiting beliefs, although they powerfully limit your life … as powerful as an invisible iron fence around you, ten feet tall.

And yet, here you will learn a simple method to *force* your own personal limiting beliefs to speak up and make themselves known to you.

Better still, you’ll learn a method to “erase” those limiting beliefs, one by one, leaving you free for the first time in your life to operate … without limits.

And as a sweet bonus, our “Search and Transform” method also creates a new set of “box-breakers,” your own spontaneous revelations, new ideas completely outside the old box, so you can begin your expansion and power plans immediately.

Don’t underestimate the power of finding and removing your own limiting beliefs. So many schools of thought have promised that you are an infinitely powerful being, and it’s true. And only an infinitely powerful creature such as yourself has had the power to limit what you can do.

Remove your limits. Stretch your new wings. And you will soar to new heights.

[

How to Talk with your Subconscious Mind

In this course you will soon realize that your (so-called) Subconscious or “Unconscious” Mind is actually the greater part of your total awareness, and how the human process of focussing attention, or “paying attention” is actually the process of putting out of awareness the vast and diffuse awareness of your total body-mind.

Further, that in many ways, this “other” mind, normally functioning outside of or beneath your conscious thoughts, is actually wiser, smarter, quicker, and more alert than you will ever hope to be. Don’t be discouraged. This “larger” body-mind is still you, and you begin to discover just how grand and marvelous a being you actually are!

The only thing is … most of us take pitifully little advantage of the astounding knowledge and problem-solving ability of this greater you. Because we don’t know how to “talk” with the Subconscious Mind part of ourselves.

Surprisingly, it’s actually rather easy to do. This course will reveal how easily you can be in communication and accord with your larger mind, and how great this can feel, and how it can turbo-charge and ease your progress toward the goals you have chosen in this game we call life and living.

[

Secrets of the Focusing Method

The secret to a happy life, and to success in love, your career, and your life, is to develop your skill in love, in your career, and in life. What most people don’t know is that mind and body are joined together at the most basic level, and you cannot just clear up your mind — while ignoring the body — and expect the best results.

Because your body knows more about the problem than *you* do!

And your body already knows more about solutions than *you* do!

When you walk into a room, and see a picture hanging crooked, you don’t have to analyze it. You just see it and you know. If you go to straighten the picture, you don’t need to think about which direction to move it because you automatically know.

In the same way, your body know’s what “right” feels like, and so your body knows when something is “wrong.” And because your body knows where “right” is, your body knows the direction in which you need to move, in order to go from pain, trouble, and worries (“wrong”) and move toward solutions, freedom, and joy (“right”)

This class will reveal to you how to access this astounding knowledge of the body. And don’t worry. No matter how terrible the problem … the process of opening it up and feeling it shift … always feels *good*!

[

Attaining Emotional Freedom at Last

Did you know that there is an electrical system within your body? And did you know that this electrical system generates “circuits” running up and down your body, and an invisible “field” around your entire body?

Did you know that a traumatic event can cause a disruption in your body’s electrical system? And have you realized that this disruption can create a “stuck” place like a wriggle in a river, that stays in your body’s energy field for the rest of your life?

Have you ever wondered how an upsetting event from the past can move forward in time with us, and cause new upsetting memories in every similar situation through our entire life?

The answer — The body only operates in present time. Normally, far memories of long-ago events may be kept (a happy birthday you recall), or they may be discarded (your breakfast menu five years ago) … but the upsetting memories *insist* on moving forward through time … and they do that because they’ve become *stuck* … in the body.

But … what if you could learn a simple procedure that would free up any stuck emotional reaction, that would release those stuck emotions, those fears, those regrets, that old deep sadness? And what if that upset, that you feel today, could fade away like a cloud before the spring breeze on a sunny day?

What if you could learn a simple method to clear those unwanted emotions from your body, and clear those upsets out of your mind, and what if you could have Emotional Freedom throughout your whole life?

Introducing … the Emotional Freedom Technique.

Use it wisely. It will transform your life, from pain to pleasure.

[

How to Manifest What You Want

The Law of Attraction. Does it work? Is it complete baloney?

Most people who try it actually have some results. But for many people, it seems to sometimes work great, and other times, it’s really baffling why the things you want are so slow in coming? Or they don’t seem to come at all. In fact, sometimes things can get worse!

Although only practice will make you a wizard, this seminar will explain how you can use the Law of Attraction to bring you what you want … and why it can begin to work even when you don’t believe it!

You will be given new insights how your thinking can sabotage itself, and how you can use “mental judo” to outsmart habitual defeatist thinking that’s getting your way.

You’ll receive some specific methods for applying the Law of Attraction to your life … for a healthier and happier mind, more happy and “feel good” days, and to draw the things you want into your life.

[

The Anatomy of Belief (the Secret behind the Secret)

Did you know that you can actually *choose* your beliefs. For example, suppose you believe that you cannot play a musical instrument, but you’d like to be able to. Your existing belief will absolutely stop you from being able to learn to play.

But what if you had a way to *change* a belief that was blocking the life you want to manifest?

What if you could, very simply, take a belief which was sabotaging you and change it to a healthier belief. For example, that you are a person who can quickly and easily learn to play a musical instrument, and to play it very well indeed.

Would that make it easier to manifest the playing of music in your life?


And, if you’re a follower of the Law of Attraction, but you discover that sometimes it seems to work for you, but sometimes it doesn’t seem to work … could it be that you find it difficult to *believe*? And isn’t that one of the keys to Manifestation? Learning to *believe* and trust?

Have you ever seen a class (or coaching) about how to change non-functional beliefs in a rapid and permanent manner? If you haven’t, that could be because no such class (or coaching) has been offered before.

Attain the power of this powerful self-transformation technique here.

[


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