Even if you don’t believe in the Law of Attraction, you will discover that its method of operation yields fascinating insights about how the mind works, especially the Subconscious Mind.

Let me illustrate …

In the belief system called the Law of Attraction, the key to Manifestation is *Attraction,* and this discussion always illustrates “similarity.”

That is, you cannot manifest the solution to what you “don’t want.”

Because picturing “don’t want” just brings you more “don’t want.” Because “don’t want” is similar to “don’t want,” and what you focus on is what appears, according to the Law of Attraction.

Notice how this “attraction” is attraction of what is similar.

The essence of attraction is “connection,” and it is *not* to “sever the connection.”

In other words, if you want to Manifest something, you can only proceed via connecting, and via picturing similarity. You are connected to your thought of what you want, and something similar to your thought of what you want is what will manifest.

Similar to How the Brain Works

Now let’s consider how a brain works. (Not a mind, but the brain, with its neurons and neurites and all those cells and connections.)

A mind is not exactly the same thing as a brain, but in this case, apparently they work the same. For example …

Our brain and our mind work via “connections.” One thought connects to another. Thinking of a garden path can lead to thoughts of the flowers. Thinking of the garden flowers can lead to thoughts of watering the flowers, the smell of damp earth, and the water bill sitting on your desk.

One thought connects to another. Thinking of a problem can connect to a solution.

You cannot “not” a thought, not really; you can only connect to another thought.

For example, thinking of “not white” is really going to connect to “white,” but it can also connect to black. It doesn’t connect to black because you’ve successfully “notted” the idea of white, but simply because black is connected to white in your thoughts, your brain, and your mind. Just as we say, simple as black and white, yes?

How is This Useful?

Since we know that thinking a thought will trigger associated thoughts, we can now see the mechanism which causes Affirmations to sometimes fail.

If you think of an affirmation, then it will tend to auto-trigger (connect to) existing beliefs about that thing affirmed. And some of these auto-triggered beliefs are Limiting Beliefs.

For example, I state the Affirmation: “I am a billionaire!” But a part of my mind echoes back, “You damn sure are not!”

Our thought automatically triggers our Limiting Idea, our Limiting Belief, and this then works as a counter-intention to what we’d intended to intend!


Law of Attraction = How the Mind Works

So we see that the Law of Attraction pretty much *has* to work via connection and similarity, because the brain and the mind itself works via connection and similarity. And further, that we need to operate our mind in such a way that we avoid auto-triggering our own counter-intentions when we operate our mind, and when we visualize what we wish to attract with the Law of Attraction.

There are a number of ways to do this, but leave those for another day.

A Handy Way to Unearth your Limiting Beliefs

Since an extreme Affirmation has a tendency to bring up your Limiting Beliefs, we can use this fact to evoke our own Limiting Beliefs.

It’s hard to see your own limiting beliefs, because they tend to be such a part of you, such a basic part of your thinking, that you tend to not see them at all. Just as you assume that the snow you see outside the window will be cold, so do you assume the “facts” automatically presented to you from your Limiting Beliefs.

“I could never fly an airplane.”

If you believe it, you’ll probably never question it. And you’ll operate your life in such a way that you’ll never attempt to fly an airplane, and so you’ll probably never have an opportunity to learn that in fact you could fly an airplane. It will become a self-fulfilling belief. And it limits your options. And it limits the world in which you exist.

Your world is smaller, and your abilities are smaller, by reason of your limiting beliefs.

If you could locate your limiting beliefs, and work on them to get beyond them, you’d be removing your personal limits. You’d be growing into a more and more powerful human being.

But, if they tend to be invisible to you, how can you dredge them up, so you can work on them?


Glad you asked.

The “Search and Transform Process” for Limiting Beliefs

Here’s what you do …

  1. Decide upon the arena in which you want to work. For example, maybe money and prosperity. Or maybe your love life. Or perhaps a health issue
  2. Now if you have selected, for example, ‘money,’ make up an *outrageous* affirmation. For example, “I’m the richest millionaire in the world.” and write this down on a piece of paper.
  3. Now repeat this Affirmation, and listen in the space right after the last word. You will hear your mind automatically auto-trigger and connect to some statement that contradicts the Affirmation. For example, in this case you might hear, “Oh I could never do that” or “I don’t want to work that hard” or “I’d never have any time to myself” or “My sweetheart will think I’m a jerk.”
  4. Whatever the thoughts are, write them down one after another. These are your limiting beliefs. They have been “evoked” by this process, in just the way that life situations trigger them for you and convince you that you cannot move forward in that area.
  5. Now that you have this list — that’s the hard part, finding them — it’s not that difficult to get rid of them. Use the Emotional Freedom Technique, or the Focusing method, or Clarity consulting to review these bogus and limiting ideas. Because any of these Trinity Process ™ actions can discharge these Limiting Beliefs for you.
  6. Subjected to the revealing light of your consciousness, these normally-subconscious limiting thoughts can be fairly easily dissipated, never to limit you again.
  7. And that’s a good thing.

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