— by Sarajane Thomas, from EFT Universe

For several decades I would meditate nearly every morning prior to
leaving for work.  This would bring me to a special mindset and,
therefore, prepare me for whatever life had to offer me during that
day.  Without this morning practice, I always seemed to be at the mercy
of the chaos that manifests on planet earth.  For this very reason, it
was rare for me to leave home without this energy protection.  When I
returned home from work, I would sit down once again to prepare myself
with the proper mindset.  I knew that I would be sharing with others
(e.g., teaching classes, writing articles) and I wanted to be
spiritually ready.  My evening alignment work affected me in the same
manner as did the morning meditation, but the means to get there took a
different form: a question and answer session with my inner self in
front of the computer.

My evening practice started when I would type up a short summary
regarding a current issue or challenge to focus on.  In looking over
the summary I would come up with one question, type it up and then
direct that question inwardly.  And my inner self would answer my outer
self’s question.  While typing the answer, I could feel another
question already percolating into my mind — and then right behind it
would come the answer.  This was a very satisfactory process for me and
I have learned and grown spiritually in this manner for a long time.

Several years ago when I found EFT (or did it find me?), I added
tapping to this daily question and answer process.  At the point when I
would begin to form a specific question in my mind from reviewing the
summary and coming up with a SUDS number.  At the same time I would
begin tapping on the karate chop (or another) point.  I then typed the
summary, the question and the SUDS on the computer.  I sent the
question to the inner and the response came back.

Each answer inevitably leads to another question which leads to
another answer.  When no further questions came to mind, I knew that
the discussion for that particular issue was complete, at least, for
that session.  With the addition of tapping, there were two very
obvious enhancements in this process.  First of all the questions and
the answers came much more quickly than before.  Secondly, there was
now a deeper and broader spiritual content to the Q & As that was
reached.  That is, I was dealing with more profound topics.  I was
understanding myself and the Universe at an ever-deepening level.

On those rare occasions when there might be some hesitation before a
question or answer would present itself, I simply tap for a moment (or
imagine myself doing it) while focusing on the issue at hand.  It is
also helpful to remember how it feels to be in that particular inner
place where I received my answers while I was sitting in front of the
computer doing my sacred work.

Nowadays, when I read old Q & A journal entries, I am amazed at
the change in attitude and perspective that took place in me during any
one session or the changes taking place from session to session or even
from year to year.

During these years, I have also come to fully recognize certain universal truths:

1.  Through a question and answer process in conjunction with EFT, I
can deliberately use my conscious mind (affiliated with the physical
body) to connect with the unconscious mind (affiliated with the inner
self body) —- moving back and forth in conversation between spirit
and matter (e.g., for learning and relaxation purposes).

2.  Once this affiliation between the two minds is well established,
the conscious mind gives over its role as the questioner, and the
unconscious mind both asks and answers the questions.

3.  Once the unconscious mind serves in this manner, it aligns me in
Spirit with the inner selves of others in the Universe – in the same
manner as occurs with “borrowed benefits”.  I’m so grateful for this
learning/growth process.  In order to trace your own paradigm changes,
you may want to try this loving interchange between Spirit and Matter
in your being and world.

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