EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is a combination of talk-therapy and touch-therapy that clears upsets fast. These can be long-term upsets from the past, or current-time upsets. Exactly *why* it clears these upsets can be debated.

Elsewhere on this site you’ll find an explanation from the viewpoint of Eastern (or “newage”) philosophy which has to do with energy meridians that have been used in acupuncture, and also another explanation from the point of Western (or “science”) which has to do with experiments revealing that tapping on certain body points releases a flood of neuro-chemicals which in fact clear upsets, producing counter-conditioning so that the upsets no longer happen automatically.

But regardless of *how* this occurs, the observed fact is, EFT clears upsets. Clears them fast, and permanently.

Your Pet Responds to Touch and to Talking

Your pet can respond to touch, and his/her body has similar energetic/electrical functioning as your body does. Whether these energetic/electrical pathways are woo-woo or hard science matters not. Your pet has a body built of cells which is remarkably similar to yours. (I’m assuming here that we’re talking about mammals like dogs or cats; it *may* be similar for birds, reptiles, or insects, but the further back on the evolutionary chain, the more differences on finds in nerve transmission and physical structure. These non-mammal pets .. we don’t know.)

Although your pet probably doesn’t speak English, as you know, your pet comes to know what words mean, and you’ve probably noticed that your pet often reacts to things you say, as if the pet understands you. The pet may be reading tone of voice or body language, but as a practical matter, the speaking that is involved with the EFT process seems to work just fine. Perhaps it is telepathy. Perhaps intention does the job. We don’t know.

But what we do know is this …

EFT can be run on your pet, using the usual talking, and the usual touching.

Two Ways to Run EFT on Your Pet

A) Actually touch the physical pet.

Animal communicator Sharon Loy provides a good demo of how this is done in this video …

Because the video is fairly clear, I’ll not explain here what you can see in the video. (I would note only that she uses the word “gamut” for the tapping sequence, and this is not the usual meaning of the word ‘gamut’ in EFT.)

Other than that, this is mainstream EFT, a shortcut method without the hand points, which is the same as Susan Dillon and I present in our Mt. Shasta EFT Healing Group meetings, and in our paid trainings. See http://LightningEFT.com for upcoming EFT trainings in the northern California, southern Oregon areas.)

B) Using ‘Surrogate Tapping” on your pet.

(This method can also be used to assist very young children who do not have language yet, or to help friends and family who are physically remote from you. A bit of magic? Seems so, and also seems to work.)

Surrogate tapping will be the subject of our May 5th Mt. Shasta EFT Healing Group free meeting, specifically as applied to your pets. PLEASE DO NOT BRING YOUR PETS TO THE MEETING. THEY WILL NOT BE ADMITTED. Surrogate tapping does not require the physical presence of your pet, and in fact a room full of pets is probably a room where very little focus and learning is possible!

For the sake of your pets, see you there!

See the ‘Events page‘ of this website for the next EFT Healing Group meeting details.


Private EFT Sessions for Your Pet

PS: For those of you who may wish private consultation with Susan Dillon or Arthur Cronos as EFT practitioners, we can of course provide sessions to help your pet, as well as sessions to help you clear difficulties from the past, or difficulties from current-time situations. Contact Susan Dillon or Arthur Cronos directly:

Susan (530) 926-4157, Arthur (530) 938-1100.

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