Counseling Services, Coaching Services

Office-session or home-session counseling fees due at end of session
Telephone session, Skype session, Intensives and Package fees due at time of booking.
Sessions typically run 50 minutes to 90 minutes.

Telephone Sessions, Skype sessions

If you live in the Mount Shasta area in Northern California, or in the Ashland/Medford area of Oregon, we suggest office sessions or sessions in your home. Otherwise, Trinity Process counseling (Hypnotherapy, Focusing, and Emotional Freedom Techniques) can be delivered by telephone, or via the Skype system.

(Skype is a free or paid service allowing you to make phone calls with video from your computer. See for more information.)

Counseling Sessions – Sliding Scale

In an effort to provide counseling affordable to all in the community, we offer a sliding scale. Those with lower incomes may have a reduced fee to enable them to more easily obtain counseling.

Sessions are $40 to $100, sliding scale. The lowest session fee ($40) is designed for those with very reduced incomes. You choose the fee that’s appropriate for you.

Your Annual Income Session Fee
varies: Poverty to Affluence $40-$100
for reference, US poverty level is:
under $11,400/year (1 person)
under $14,700/year (2 persons)
You Choose the
Appropriate Fee
for Your Situation


Please contact us to schedule appointments.

All-Day Clearing Intensives

Want to go beyond the traditional ‘one hour’ sessions? Consider an All-Day Clearing Intensive in a relaxed atmosphere and truly focus in upon decluttering the major issues of your life. Extremely popular for those who want to get serious about clearing their biggest issues, and continuing their own personal work.

Live out of town? Combine a lovely weekend or vacation in Mount Shasta’s summer and winter get-away paradise (hiking, biking, dining, skiing, and more) with an All-Day Clearing Intensive.

All-Day Clearing Intensives run approximately from 10am to 5pm, and include breaks, brief stretching (a type of yoga), visualization, and mild exercise (walking breaks) between therapy sessions, to keep your body and energy level comfortable. Several excellent and healthful restaurants are nearby, and plenty of parking is available.

The ‘Annual Income’ below would correspond to gross wages for an employed person, or would correspond to the annual net profit for a person operating a business.

Your Annual Income Clearing Intensive Fee
$36,000 or more $375
under $36,000 $315


Five-Session Packages

Pre-purchase blocks of five sessions, take 15% off.

The ‘Annual Income’ below would correspond to gross wages for an employed person, or would correspond to the annual net profit for a person operating a business.

Your Annual Income Five-Sessions Fee
$36,000 or more $325 $276
under $36,000 $225 $191


Barter, Reduced Fees, and Pro-Bono Sessions

In an effort to provide counseling to those in the community with extremely limited resources, we prefer if possible that nobody be excluded purely due to financial limitation.

On a time-available basis, we are open to an energy exchange that works for you. Barter, as well as our sliding-scale reduced fee structure, is often available. How to find out? Ask. Tell us what works for you.

In general, we prefer to avoid ‘pro-bono’ or free sessions. We’ve tried it, and it appears that better results appear when there is some sort of an energy exchange.

Reduced-fee and barter sessions can only be provided on a time-available basis. As much as we can, we will provide these powerful counseling methods for all, but please bear in mind that, for the personal-performance coaches working with the Clarity and Focus Group, this is their livelihood, and so only a limited number of barter and reduced-fee sessions can be supported.


Please contact us to determine availability and scheduling.




Life-Training Classes

  • Fees for classes are due in advance.
  • Discounts for purchase of multiple classes available.
  • Class minimum = 4 participants

How to Become Clear and Focused (Intro to the Focusing Method), $25

How to Get a Girlfriend (or a Boyfriend), $35

How to Understand Women, $35

How to Understand Men, $35

Tantra — Sex and Spirituality, $50

How to Find the Love of Your Life, $35

Online Dating — How It Works and How to Work It, $35

The Keys to Relationship — Can’t We Just Get Along? $35

How to Talk to Anyone about Anything, $35

How to Dress for Success in Love and Business, $35

How to Feel Good Fast, $25

How to Learn Anything, $35

The Anatomy of Dysfunction — How it Works, and How to Fix It, $35

How to Discard Excess Weight Easily, $50 plus supplies fee ($8)

How to Quit Smoking and Addictions, $50

How to Meditate, for a Calm Mind and Problem-Solving, $40

How to Find your Heart’s Desire, $40

How to Uncover the Problem, $40

How to Manifest What You Want, $40

How to Market and Sell Services and Products, $40


Please contact us to inquire about private classes, or classes for your organization. To see a listing of upcoming public classes and events, see the Events page on this website.