This weekend, something wonderful is happening. Because on Sunday, Susan Dillon and I are hosting the one-day ‘Beyond Healing EFT Seminar.’

Most folks know EFT as a fast and easy-to-learn way to relieve old emotional baggage, and current upsets.

But did you know that EFT — with some magical new additions we’re presenting — will lead you beyond the pain, beyond the upsets … into the blissful state that is your birthright?

Is it religion? Is it science?

Ha! It’s both.

And by the way, that science vs religion conflict … they became artificially split only a few hundred years ago. Perhaps we are returning …

Returning to Bliss

Fact is, underneath upsets, one discovers that lovely happiness for no reason that we all knew as young children.

It’s still there.

Susan and I will show you how to Uncover your Bliss, using these LightningEFT methods.

You won’t find this in any book. But you’ll discover this lovely pathway here —

Attend this Seminar

  • Seminar:    “Feel Better Fast” — Uncovering Your Bliss
  • Date:     May 22nd, 12:30-6:30 pm, in Mt. Shasta
  • Cost:     $125 at the door, but only $85 in advance.
  • Details:

Money-Back Guarantee

We think you’ll love it. That’s why we offer our Money back guarantee of satisfaction.

So it’s easy to find out.

See you there?


Questions? Contact:   Arthur (530) 938-1100, Susan (530) 926-4157

And remember, you can get a free “how to do EFT manual” here —


“The Unseen One, featureless, unthinkable, undefinable by name. Whose Substance is the certitude of One Self, in Whom world-existence is stilled, Who is all peace and bliss – that is the Self, that is what be known.” — Mandukya Upanishad

“If everything is under control, you are going too slow.” — Mario Andretti


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