Free Event: Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

Tantra Yoga – Sex and Spirituality


FREE Download Report right now and FREE Follow-Up Event at Stage Door Cabaret.

  • Tantra Yoga is ancient. Tantra Yoga is always new. In this ancient pathway to self-realization and god-realization — regardless of your religion — you can learn to …
  • .Deepen the intimacy and connection in your relationship
  • Love your partner with more intention of healing and enlivening, and keeping your love alive
  • Awaken orgasmic pleasure in ways you’ve only dreamed about
  • Create a sexual relationship that honors your love and commitment
  • Banish boredom from the bedroom and enjoy each other in a renewed way
  • Bring more love, passion and joy into your life!

Will you learn all that in this short evening? No, that would be a very, very busy short evening! But you *will* gain an understanding of what Tantra Yoga is all about, how it can answer two burning questions that every couple, and every would-be lover would want to know …

  1. How can you re-kindle and maintain that excitement, desire, and intimacy that comes when we first commit to a love affair?  … and …
  2. How can you make love last?

The astounding spiritual gains — seeing God in your partner’s eyes, realizing how God dwells within us as a direct experience, no matter what your religion, and the striking realization of just how beautiful this world, and your partner can be, down at the core of things — these astounding spiritual gains … that’s just *more* reason to dive into the astounding healing and soul-expansion that awaits you (and your loved one) … in Tantra Yoga.

In this event there is no nudity, and only decent language will be used, but children not advised, please.

Free admission with reservation. Reserve here for immediate download of quick-report “Tantra Yoga — Secret Path to Bliss!” You’ll receive priority seating at the follow-up event, your confirmation will follow by email. With registration, you may also bring a friend!

When Thursday, Dec 2, 2010 at 6:30pm
Where StageDoor Cabaret, Mount Shasta, CA
Address 414 North Mount Shasta Blvd
Cost Event is FREE. Handouts provided.

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