Free Event: Thursday, November 4th, 2010

How to Feel Good Fast!


FREE Download Report now plus FREE Follow-Up Event at Stage Door Cabaret.

  • If you ever find yourself saying, “Why am I feeling so blue?” … at this event you will discover five fast and easy methods to feel good … quickly!!
  • If you ever felt uncomfortable in a new place … an office, a party, a store … here’s how you can feel at ease and confident immediately!
  • If you ever felt alone, kind of moping around, and you’d like to have a better viewpoint, but you just feel too grumpy, won’t it be great when you know how to change the way you feel in twenty seconds with the famous “Twenty-Second Tune-Up”!
  • If you have a wretched day when things just go wrong one after another, we’ll show you how to finally gain the ability to take any emotional upset and discharge it so that it no longer bothers you at all!
  • If you ever watch your friend melt down and wished you could help, you’ll enjoy this simple and fun introduction to the amazingly powerful Emotional Freedom Technique that enables you to help those you love to safely and quickly dump the emotional baggage of the past!
  • Everyone attend this event will discover all five generally-unknown methods well-proven to quickly get results, to transform your mood from gloom to happiness again. Will you miss out (and have yet another grumpy, sad day tomorrow?) … or will you discover how to transform your upsets into a beautiful life?

Free admission with reservation. Reserve here for immediate download of quick-report “Opening the Doorway to Feeling Good!” You’ll receive priority seating at the follow-up event, your confirmation will follow by email. With registration, you may also bring a friend!

When Thursday, Nov 4, 2010 at 6:30pm
Where StageDoor Cabaret, Mount Shasta, CA
Address 414 North Mount Shasta Blvd
Cost Event is FREE. Handouts provided.

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BONUS! Stagedoor is FAMOUS for tasty Veggie Mexican food!
So come early! And when you sign up here, I’ll send you a
$4 DISCOUNT COUPON toward the entree of your choice
for anyone attending the free event!


Questions? Call Arthur Cronos at (530) 938-1100

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