Free Event: Thursday, January 6th, 2011

EFT: Emotional Freedom Technique —
The People’s Therapy?


FREE Download Report right now and FREE Follow-Up Event at Stage Door Cabaret.

  • EFT: “Emotional Freedom” Technique, aften called ‘tapping’ is amazing mental-health professionals world-wide — because using this simple method, you can learn to …
  • .Reduce and completely eliminate even long-standing mental worries, fears, and compulsions
  • In some cases, it appears to improve or somehow promote a person’s natural ability to heal even difficult physical problems
  • Works surprisingly quickly
  • Can be used simply with surprisingly simple training
  • Help your children, family, loved ones, and friends through difficult times
  • Bring more joy, passion, and light-hearted freedom into your life!

In this one simple introductory presentation, you will learn how to begin using the EFT method in your own life and with others. Safe, effective, and surprisingly powerful. Further, if you wish, in our meeting you will be encouraged to team up with a “tapping buddy” so that you can work with another person. (Nearly all therapies seem to work even better when two people work together.)

You *will* gain an understanding of what EFT is all about, how to use it on yourself and with others, and what you can reasonably expect it to do …

  1. Would you ever have thought it was likely that a quickly-trained lay-person could, in some cases, get as good or better results than some trained professional therapists? … and …
  2. If you are already in a healing profession, that you can greatly expand the power of your healing practice with this simple addition?

This event is free, and everyone who attends will have a chance to experience, learn, and apply the basic EFT technique during the evening.

Quite a few practitioners and just plain folks in Mount Shasta already use EFT, so it just makes sense that we also talk together about the idea of forming an EFT Interest Group, to see whether it might be a good idea to form an ongoing meeting group. (There *is* more to know about EFT than just the basics, for those who wish to advance their skills and the speed of their results.)

Free admission with reservation. Reserve here for immediate download of quick-report “The Scandal of EFT” You’ll receive priority seating at the follow-up event, your confirmation will follow by email. With registration, you may also bring a friend!

When Thursday, Jan 6th, 2011, at 6:30pm
Where StageDoor Cabaret, Mount Shasta, CA
Address 414 North Mount Shasta Blvd
Cost Event is FREE. Handouts provided.


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