We all have stress, it’s part of being human. But it’s what we do with the stress that matter most.

When our lives are out of balance, when we get overwhelmed, when someone starts an argument with us, when we get stuck in traffic on the way to an important meeting or when we lose something of value to us-a job, a person, our health, it is usually accompanied by anxiety or depression.

There really is no escaping stress. We may learn to “deal” with the stress in a variety of ways, many of them unhealthy, by displacing the stressful emotions with temporary “feel good” distractions such as drinking, watching TV, eating, smoking, shopping, etc…

Quick Fix?

These are the quick fixes that become automatic behaviors or unhealthy habits for coping. But, what if there was another quick fix that was just as effective that would dramatically reduce the stress so it could be dealt with in a positive way? Well, there is! It’s called Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT.

EFT is also known as tapping and is a method of tapping on various pressure points on the hand and face that send a signal to the brain to relax and feel safe. It breaks up the neuro-association of what is causing the stress and the reaction of stress (fight or flight) in our bodies.

It is similar to acupuncture, but does not require a practitioner or needles. Anyone can do it! It works neurologically, hormonally and energetically to reduce anxiety normally associated with stress inducing situations so that the body no longer goes into the conditioned stress response.

Energetically, EFT releases our resistance to our unwanted circumstances so we can be more relaxed and open to other possibilities. EFT takes away the burden of the anxiety, like dispersing the clouds so the sun can come out. The sun has always been there, of course, but now we can see it! It gives us the attitude we need to be more “attractive” to better ideas, people, and circumstances and create a better life.

Western Medicine

Science is now catching up with this ancient eastern energy method and the “secret” is now out!

Tens of thousands of people are realizing the benefits of using EFT for creating amazing and positive life changes!

It has been used effectively for almost any anxiety producing situation you can possibly imagine from fear of flying to post traumatic stress disorder to children cancer patients. In one study, where stress was measured by testing the stress hormone cortisol levels before and after EFT, the cortisol levels plunged so dramatically the researchers thought there was something wrong with their equipment only to find out after continued testing that it was a valid reading!

More and more people are catching on to this “secret” for dealing with the emotional stress response to not only everyday life situations, but recurring childhood stress such as abandonment, self-esteem issues and even money issues.

Can you imagine what will happen when millions of people around the world start using this method for dealing with stress? Possibly a major global healing!

Debra Betterly, PhD, is an Inspired Spirit Life Coach and Metaphysician at Amazing Journey Coaching Services. You can get a free download of her ebook “Awakening the Power Within-Working with Universal Laws to Create Your Best Life” at http://effortlessmanifestingnow.com.

Debra is also the Chief Inspiration Officer for the online membership program called Be Certain of Success, a community of like minded men and women who are learning how to turn their dreams and goals into reality. Go to http://becertainofsuccess.com for more details.

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