EFT: How To Find Core Issues

Many people using Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) worry that they don’t know or cannot *find* the reason behind a particular problem. So they usually start guessing. Why can’t I lose weight? “Maybe it’s my hormones . . . my genes . . . or a slow metabolism . . . or maybe there’s a deeper issue, but I don’t know what it is.”

Chasing After Stories

These are really just the stories we tell ourselves. And we, as human beings, are infinitely capable of changing our stories. So don’t worry about wracking your brain to come up with the reasons for your symptoms or the problem you are struggling with.


Core issues ARISE through the use of EFT. You can start tapping on whatever issue or problem you are facing.

“Even though I can’t lose weight . . .”
“Even though I can’t sleep . . . ”

Just start with wherever you are, and whatever you know. And don’t worry about repeating yourself. Remember, in the EFT manual, the reminder phrase is simple and repetitive.

Repetition is Powerful

As you tap, core issues can ARISE — just tune in and listen for what issues come up while you are tapping. Don’t try to force it. Accept whatever comes. You will often be surprised. If nothing happens, try a different angle.

But I can’t tell you the number of times that I have started off thinking I didn’t have much to work with¬† and no idea where I would end up. Have it be OK not to know how it will turn out.

Just be curious, be open, and don’t be attached to getting a particular result.¬† Happy tapping!

[reprinted from http://www.efttips.com/2007/12/eft-how-to-find.html]

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