The “Trinity Process” employed by the Clarity and Focus Group uses three different therapeutic methods for clearing troubles out of your life.

These three therapies hold in common the presumption that our pains and fears are actually stored within the body, or within the body’s electrical field.

Our pains and fears involve thoughts, sensations, and stuck-energy in or around the body.

And these pains and fears represent a barrier to one’s survival instinct toward pleasure.

The Basic Survival Instinct

Human beings possess a basic survival instinct to move away from pain, and to move toward pleasure, and this is the lowest commonality of all successful survival. When this is accomplished, we call it success, prosperity, and happiness.

Releasing the pains and fears in a human being is in alignment with the basic survival instinct.

Human Aberration

Aberration in a human being can be seen as a failure or blockage in accomplishing the being’s basic survival instinct to avoid pain and seek pleasure. These failures deny one the ability to focus widely or narrowly at will on one’s selected targets.

Further, these failures trigger repeating and automatic behaviors of thought, sensations, and energy-blockages which interfere with one’s progress toward his or her goals.

Energy-blockages within the body or its electrical field may express themselves as mental disturbances, or as physical ailments, discomfort, and compromised operation of the body.

The Purpose of Therapies

The purpose of all therapy is to remove these aberrations, these pains and fears, to allow the being to enjoy successful survival, avoiding pain and moving toward pleasure.

Our three therapies each address the pains and fears, each method is time-efficient, and each has a good track record for erasing pains and fears.

Three Different Points of Entry

The difference between the three therapies is that each of the three therapies enters at a different point:

  • Focusing enters via the realm of sensations
  • Clarity Counseling enters via the realm of thoughts
  • Emotional Freedom Technique enters via the body’s energy-field

Please see individual descriptions of each method for more detailed information:


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