Dissolving Life-Barriers … counseling for being happy today …

You can now employ the revolutionary “Trinity Method” to locate and clear up the unhappy accidents of the past and the troublesome situations of today, so you can get what you want from life — your life-goals, love and romance, your career, money and security, and all the wonderful things life has to offer …

Here’s our Formula:    Freedom + Skill = Wisdom + Bliss

Freedom comes from clearing out old stuff. That’s counseling.

Skill comes from learning how to do things. That’s life-training classes.

When you have Freedom (old stuff gone) and Skills (new things learned), you discover Wisdom and the experience of Bliss occurring naturally more and more and more.


COUNSELING — Clear Old Hurts, Fears, and Upsets

You are a powerful spiritual being inhabiting a body upon this planet.

Although many philosophies down the ages state that you are a powerful being, we know it sometimes doesn’t feel that way at all. Because somehow, the exuberance and joy we naturally feel as children can become stifled, weighed down with worries, worn down with upsets and apparent failures, and in some cases we feel older and older, and less and less happy.

All too often, we become sadder, but not really wiser.

Pretty much everyone has this experience, at least now and then.

Even the Buddha himself was baffled after years of seeking, until he sat beneath the Bo tree, and enlightenment finally came to him. Even Jesus is said to have wandered forlorn in the wilderness, though he finally emerged with knowledge.

So if you’ve been feeling baffled, and have been wandering forlorn, you’re in good company.

The Clarity and Focus counselors can apply three effective methods that produce deep and lasting results, to free you from stress, worries, upsets, relationship difficulties, sexual problems, and the puzzles in your life that just won’t solve themselves.

Furthermore, these particular methods work powerfully, and yet can produce results much more quickly than many traditional “therapies” and “spiritual practices” of the past.

(NOTE: Sessions are available by telephone, so you can benefit from these laser-targeted counseling methods no matter where you are.)


The Trinity Method ™

If you are feeling stuck, blocked, or unhappy … whether these unwanted emotions are coming from the past, or from present situations … we can help.

By applying three powerful  counseling methods in combination, together we’ll approach the pains and fears that compromise your joyful experience of life … so you can eliminate the automatic behaviors that self-sabotage your goals.

New insights. Deep relief. Fast results.

The key to the power of the Trinity Method is that, although results from these three methods may overlap, each method uses a different point of entry for finding and dissolving the life-barriers that have been holding you back …

The result?

A new sense of freedom and enjoyment of life.

Clarity returns. You can be happy again.


How it works: Focusing Sessions

Personal guiding sessions lead you to the internal body sense that identifies troublesome problems in your life, and there in that body sense, you will discover how to allow it to speak to you the solutions that your body already knows.

Your body knows what “right” feels like. And your body knows when something’s “wrong.” And just as your eyes can tell you how to move a crooked picture to make it right, so does your body know in which direction you need to move in order to be “right” again.

Your body knows where the trouble is, and with guidance you can begin to hear it telling you the answer. And you will discover that no matter how terrible your trouble is, the process of listening to the voice of your body always feels good.

Suddenly, you discover yourself able to move away from feeling bad and being puzzled, to feeling good and a better life.

This is our most central method, our core technology of growth and power. You will work one-on-one with your Focusing Guide, to evoke problems and worries. A very gentle system that becomes ever more powerful as you begin to experience the relief and clarity it brings in your daily life.

NOTE: In addition to office consultations, telephone sessions are available. This means you can gain access to Focusing sessions from anywhere in the world. (See more details on telephone sessions below.)

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How it works: Clarity Counseling

A biofeedback-guided search and transform mission. This biofeedback guidance method allows us to navigate to the stuck place in your life, to the automatic thoughts and the past incidents that oppress you, and there we can begin clearing out old Upsets, Quandries, Guilt, and Fears.

Leaving you free and at peace.

This is a selective, targeted “find the old trouble spots and clear them out!” system.

You will work one-on-one with a Clarity Counselor, who will use the biofeedback meter to guide you through your thoughts to find the mental patterns and upsets which are keeping your life stuck.

Once found, they can usually be cleared out surprisingly easy, leaving you feeling happy and at peace.

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How it works: Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Based upon very old knowledge, this type of counseling often provides fast resolution of worries, fears, and bad feelings by means of a simple touch system along the body’s meridians as developed in acupuncture.

It can be very surprising that such a simple approach can lead to such wonderful relief.

This system can also be used to rid yourself of self-defeating thought patterns when you are choosing your thoughts so as to invoke the Law of Attraction to manifest what you want in this life.

You will work one-on-one with your counselor on whatever you wish. This remarkable method has been known to clear many problems when traditional methods have failed. Has been known in some cases to clear unwanted symptoms, even phobias, remarkably quickly.

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Office Sessions and Telephone Sessions

For those living in or near Mt. Shasta, we recommend office sessions, as these allow the greatest flexibility in the methods available to clear out what’s not working in your life.

However, many of these techniques also work well via telephone sessions. So if you’re traveling, or live far away, then telephone sessions are your easy solution. Telephone sessions are also convenient for us, and so we’ve priced them lower.

Contact us directly for details, for a free needs-assessment, for getting your questions answered, and for booking appointments.


The Trinity Method — Three Different Points of Entry

Remember — although results of these three methods can overlap, each method uses a different point of entry for finding and dissolving the life-barriers that have been holding you back —

This allows us to approach the pains and fears from different directions. It’s like coming in from the front, the side, and from underneath. We’ll get those darned pains and fears … surrounded!

The result?

Freedom and joy for you.

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