“What if You Could Clear Emotional Baggage and Current-Time Upsets …
in an Afternoon or Two?”

Introducing … Rapid Results Counseling™



From the Desk of Arthur Cronos
Clarity and Focus Group, Northern California


Hi, I’m Arthur Cronos, a therapist specializing in rapid clearing of emotional baggage and current-time upsets.

If you have a desire for some help — to get fast clearing of emotional baggage, current-time upsets, and to target and clear limiting belief systems that block success — with just a phone call, you can get guaranteed rapid results.

“Guaranteed Rapid Results?”

By “guaranteed,” I mean the sessions will produce fast results that make you happy, or you pay nothing. It couldn’t be simpler.

Of course, usually you don’t see money-back guarantees from therapists. You know why?

Because all too often, it can be an eternal and expensive process, with little guarantee of any result at all.

But that’s been solved

— Arthur Cronos, BA Psychology,
board member, American Board of Hypnotherapy

Searching … and At last … Finding

From the time I was a skinny, glasses-wearing thirteen-year-old learning hypnosis from a brassy little booklet … through my degree in psychology … and down the years, like many of us, I searched and searched, searching for what works, and works fast, to make a change in how you feel, how you think, and how life unfolds.

Finding something that actually works at all can be tricky.

But finding things that work fast?

The good news is: Over the years I found them, and you’re the winner, because now you can get very good results. And .. these methods work fast.

What Are These “Methods?”

Although technically a hypnotherapist, most often I use something called EFT (emotional freedom technique), and some proprietary methods that go beyond EFT. As called for, sometimes we’ll also employ the surprising power of Neuro-linguistic Programming, and something called Focusing.

Generally, these methods yield fast relief if —

  • You’d like more harmony and prosperity, but somehow … it eludes you. Again and again. (It must be something inside, for you’re the only person who was present, every time.)
  • You have good ideas, but … procrastination. Over and over again. Always good reasons, you feel. But it just … doesn’t get done, and how can you ever move forward?
  • You marvel at everyone around you. So creative! How do they think up all those ideas? And how would you like to finally unchain your own inner magician?
  • Day after day, upset after upset. Years later, the old baggage still clings heavy on your shoulders, weighing you down. You know it’s old stuff, but you just … can’t stop. Well, good news. We can fix that. Finally, you can now throw off those shackles quickly and easily and forever.
  • Things scare you. Maybe you don’t think of yourself as a “phobic” person, because you’ve found good ways to avoid those situations, but when push comes to shove … oh dear. It may be anything, confronting somebody, standing up in front of a crowd to speak, earning more than the “usual” … something in you balks. But now, even if this has been the story of your whole life, we can clear it and you can move forward proud and confident, even if you’ve never succeeded before.
  • Your days are blighted by anger. Or grief. Or anxiety. Guilt, worry, trauma and bad memories. Fears. And these problems all yield to the powerful methods we can use. You can eliminate stress, upsets, and bad moods, manifest more happiness and physical well-being, and become a better friend, lover, spouse, or parent. Fact.

All these “different” problems have the very same roots. And the common roots are:

  • stress,
  • with repeating automatic emotional reactions, and
  • habitual limiting-belief systems.

And together, we can handle that. It’s your unexplored territory, and now we’ve got a map.

The proof? Watch us arrive at where you want to go.

Big Talk? Big Promise? Yep, and Big Delivery.

Now it would be reasonable for you to feel skeptical. Because in your past, so many things have been promised. And did they work? Nope.

  • The latest guru makes you feel good, but the next week …
  • The latest “free yourself” book on Oprah sounds good, but somehow it doesn’t really work … for you.
  • And maybe you’ve tried therapy. It didn’t work, because you simply developed an exquisite understanding of your problem … which you’ve still got.
  • You tried meditation. Calmed you down. That’s good, but the next day, a brand new upset.
  • You tried positive thinking. You rearrange your thoughts so it’s like walking around in a beautiful world, and then tomorrow you notice this pothole in the road, and then as the day wears on, you’re thinking more and more about that pothole … and now the pothole’s got your mind in a steel vise, and there’s no escape.

Let’s admit it. Lots of things don’t *really* work.

There’s only one test that *really* counts. And that’s when you test it for yourself. Right?

Let’s be Frank

My skills don’t always work, either. I have to admit it. But with success above 90% and the guarantee, it’s safe to try, takes very little time, and real easy to find out.

How it will work for you.

OK, I’m Intrigued. So How Can I Try it?

Three simple steps:

  1. Call me and see if you qualify for a free consultation to discuss the changes you’d like to make in your life. There are some things I cannot ethically handle, and there are some people I cannot work with. But a few minutes discussion will tell us whether it will be beneficial to meet.
  2. When we meet (personally or on the phone) we can easily create a “personal peace” plan for this point in your life, to think about whether we need to simply clear a current-time upset, or whether you’d like to clear several related problems (an “issue”) that’s been hanging around and plaguing you, perhaps your whole life long.
  3. Then we’ll set a session, and you’ll see results that please you … or you pay nothing.

Look back. Think. In your whole entire life, you have *never* before received this kind of offer from any therapist, doctor, guru, or self-help dude.

But now you have.

Want more?

Want more success, creativity unhampered, to open the floodgates of your creativity, to boost the bold adventurer inside?

Want less?

Want less fear? Lose the procrastination? The excuses? The worry?

Even long-term and forever, deeply-ingrained “problems” improve in one session, and frequently and commonly dissolve and vanish in just a few sessions …

This is not your mother’s eternal-talking psychotherapy.

This is something else.

Want change?

I await to hear from you.

— Arthur Cronos

Call me here — (530) 938-1100

PS: In the USA, it seems to be illegal to offer to cure anything, unless you are a doctor. I am not a doctor and do not offer these counseling methods as a substitute for appropriate medical advice or treatment or medically-approved mental methods and pharmaceuticals.

But EFT and these other methods routinely and rapidly clear worries, fears, upsets, and can uncover and help you clear limiting beliefs and emotions. And if this would be useful for you, I’d be happy to help.

What do others say?

“I highly recommend Arthur’s technique … I had a huge upset regarding restrictions my landlord was imposing, and in less than 5 minutes was at peace with my continuing situation … no longer felt helpless or overwhelmed and truly ‘got’ this wasn’t my drama at all.” — Adrienne G., Mt. Shasta California

“What changed in the session was that I suddenly saw how I’d attached to that negative childhood. It was all I knew. It was who I was. I never saw the happy moments before. I see how I created that, and I’m letting it go. What a relief!” — Beverly, 64, Mt. Shasta California

PPS: Still reading way down here? Isn’t it a better idea to call and book your session already? Wouldn’t it be good to start creating your better life right away? Like now?

PPPS: Still here? OK. Then here’s a question for you …

  • Do you find yourself overwhelmed by emotion? Dazed and confused? Too many worries? Too many decisions crowding around you?
  • Do you experience feeling blocked in your life direction?
  • Do you feel stuck in a rut, wondering “How will I ever get out of this?”

So welcome to the “worry club!”

So many of us have felt this way, sometimes for many years.

And what if …

  • What if you could gain the ability to peer into any confusion, any worry, and you could make it unfold like a flower, revealing a brilliant solution that was hidden before, and suddenly you knew *exactly* what to do?
  • How would it feel, waking up in the morning, full of energy, and delighted by what’s happening today?
  • Imagine the love life you’ve always wanted with the sweetheart of your dreams (or your present marriage new and fun again).
  • And if you want new things in your life — a new home, new car, or even a whole new life — what if you knew just what to do, so these new things can manifest.
  • Imagine how your life looks like when you feel confident, with clarity of mind, able to focus effectively on creating the life you love?

Because … that’s exactly what you can have.

You can be happy. You can feel good. You can have power. Your life direction can be clear and bright, with obstacles fading away into the mist of the past.


How to Improve Your Life and Start Right Now!

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Arthur Cronos, of the Clarity and Focus Group